Cookies policy

When consulting our websites,, (hereinafter the “Website”) and the METEO CONSULT shipping forecast app (Météo Marine) (hereinafter the “App”), information may be stored in files called “Cookies” installed either by us or by third-parties on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. When using the App, a software identifier from your mobile phone is likely to be sent to us depending on the settings you have configured on your mobile device. This identifier is often called an “AID” (Android ID) on Android devices or “IDFA” (ID for Advertising) on iOS devices.

Out of a concern for clarity, this information document regarding the use of cookies concerns both the use of Cookie files associated to the web browser used on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and use of an advertising identifier on your mobile device (AID or IDFA as indicated above).

This page helps you understand what a Cookie is, how we use them and how you can change settings regarding the use of these cookies.

The Website and App are edited by METEO CONSULT which is part of Figaro Group and which also owns Figaromédias (advertiser), CCM Performance (performance marketing firm) and Zebestof (company specialising in programmatic advertising / trading desk).


The term “cookie” is a generic term which refers to a text file installed on a dedicated space on the hard disc of your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device optimised for the Internet), when consulting content or online advertising, as well as similar technology to read or write information onto a user device and to also supervise, using cookies, activities online or in an app. Some cookies are essential for use of the Website or App, others optimise and personalise content displayed.

The Cookie file contains certain information, such as a unique identifier, the name of the Website or App, as well as figures and characters. The Cookie file can only be read by the issuing party.

It allows the issuer, whilst it is valid, to recognise the device concerned each time that this device is used to access digital content including Cookies from the same issuer and to remember information, such as user settings, information previously entered by the user in forms on the Website or App. Some cookies may also be used to store content from a basket for purchase, and others may store settings such as website language options, whilst others may provide targeted ads.

A Cookie does not allow a user to be identified directly (it does not include any surname or given name), but only the web browser of your device or the App, generally mobile, which is used. It does, however, allow the activities of a single user to be monitored using the unique identifier included within the Cookie file.

The term “cookies” is also used as a generic term to refer to other similar technology such as web tags or invisible pixels which are invisible small digital images to the user and integrated on web pages or in emails and which, when used in conjunction with cookies, supervise and analyse a user’s browsing habits.

Cookies installed by METEOCONSULT, subject to your settings, grant us access to the following information:

  • Identifiers of the device used (IP address of your computer, Android Identifier (IAD) or Apple Identifier (IDFA), etc.)
  • Type of operating system used by your device (Microsoft Windows, Apple Os, Android, IOS, etc.)
  • Type and version of web browser used by your device (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • Connection dates and times
  • Browsing data on our Website, content consulted.


Several types of Cookies may be stored on your device when accessing our services during a visit to our Website or App:

Technical Cookies

Technical Cookies to allow you to browse on our Website and App, to protect the security of the Website and App and to allow you to access the various Website and App products and services.

Technical Cookies include:

  • those cookies which are strictly necessary and fundamental for browsing on our Website and App (such as session identifiers, the version of your operating system, the version of the App used) which allow you to use the primary functions of the Website or App, as well as function cookies which allow you to access specific functions and notably to recognise you, to indicate which page you have visited and to improve your browsing experience: for example by adapting the Website presentation to the display settings of your device (language, screen resolution) and remembering information when you previously completed a form on the Website or App (subscription or access to subscriber areas).

Technical Cookies also allow us to implement security measures (this is for instance the case when you are asked to log back in to your subscriber account after a certain period of time).

You can object to use of these technical cookies and delete them by changing your browser settings (see below change your browser settings), however, you may no longer be able to access the Website, App and/or the Website and App services. These cookies have a very short lifetime, for cookies which are strictly necessary, for the length of the session, and for functionality cookies, the time of the session, for several hours and, at most, one year.

Traffic measurement cookies

Traffic measurement cookies are issued to measure the traffic to various content and sections of our Website and App, to evaluate this and better organise traffic.

In addition to analysing visitors, these cookies also, where applicable, detect any browsing issues and consequently, improve the usability of our services.

Visitor analysis services used by this Website and App only produce anonymous certified statistics and visitor volumes, excluding any individual information. They do not allow your browsing on other websites to be monitored.

The lifetime of these traffic measurement cookies do not exceed 6 months.

Our Website and App use Google Analytics traffic measurement cookies with the sole and exclusive aim of measuring visits to our Website and App and producing anonymous traffic statistics. Consequently, we believe these are exempt from requiring consent. You can, however, object either by changing your browser settings to refuse these (see below), or by clicking on the deactivation links under ”traffic measurement cookies”.

We also use tools to measure the efficiency of our email campaigns, so as to take pertinent commercial initiatives depending on the information collected (for instance sending a follow-up message or personalised offer). To refuse these Cookies, click on the link included in each email.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies allow us to adapt the advertising media used on the Website/App or third-party websites or apps in lien with your areas of interest and to measure their efficiency.

The use of advertising space on our Website/App helps us finance content and services which we provide free of charge.

The use of advertising Cookies allows you to see adverts or display sponsored inks which we believe (or which our Group and commercial partners believe) to be the best match for your user profile in line with your areas of interest, your device, your browsing history and, where applicable, your geographical location (longitude, latitude) subject to your prior consent. It also allows for suitability of adverts displayed on Figaro Group websites as well as other sites to match your user profile and to measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns displayed on our Website or App.

The pertinence of advertising campaigns displayed on our Website, those of Figaro Group or third-party websites may also be undertaken using third-party technology and notably those of our commercial partners, by the association of browser information from the devices you use to log on to our Website/App or other websites/apps with the data which you provided to us when subscribing to or accessing any of our services.

To change your settings for advertising cookies, you can either change your browser settings to refuse these by clicking here, or use the METEOCONSULT cookies settings tool by clicking here.

Refusal of these advertising cookies has no impact on use of our Website. However, refusing them will not stop adverts from being displayed on our Website or on the Internet. This will only lead to the display of ads which do not take into account your areas of interest and, where applicable, will be displayed regardless of the number of times you have already seen the ad.

What is the purpose of advertising cookies?

Advertising Cookies may be installed on your device when browsing a website or online ad, when opening emails or notifications on the Website or App or in any other form.

Moreover, the advertising ID sent by your mobile phone may, depending on the settings you have applied on your mobile device, be readable and sent to us when using the App. Advertising cookies and identifiers allow Figaro Group entities and our commercial partners to display on our Website/App or third-party websites, ads or sponsored links which match your areas of interest as per your user profile and, where applicable, in line with your browsing information on our Website/App, and data concerning your geographical location (longitude and latitude) sent by your device with your prior consent.

They also measure your interactions with these ads: counting the number of ads displays in our advertising spaces, identifying these ads, the number of displays for a particular user, the number of “clicks” on each ad and, where applicable, subsequent actions undertaken on the pages to which these ads lead.

They also measure the efficiency of ad campaigns and to record visit to be able to calculate amounts payable to the advertising stakeholders (advertising agency, advertiser, website/distribution mechanism) and to draft statistics.

Finally, they allow us to limit the number of times you will see the same ad on a single medium.

How do we collect this information?

Advertising Cookies (advertising IDs on mobile devices) are installed on the user device using technologies (“tags”) provided by our commercial partners which are inserted into pages visited or directly installed by advertisers on ads displayed on our Website.

This “tag” will automatically send these partners information about the content of the page visited or the ad installed on the page visited. This information is then associated with the ID inserted in Cookies which are installed on your device by partners.

For how long are advertising cookies and their associated data stored?

The lifetime of advertising cookies installed when browsing on our Website/App is, in principle, 6 months. The associated data which are sent to commercial partners are stored by the latters for a term which does not, in principle, exceed 13 months.

To find out how long cookie identifiers are associated with your user devices by commercial partners listed in our cookies setting tool, please consult more information on their respective websites.

How do we establish your user profile?

Your user profile is established in line with pre-established categories by our commercial partners and in line with the content you have already viewed on the METEO CONSULT Website/App, as well as the partners of our own commercial partners.

To find out more about these partnerships, please consult the websites of our commercial partners as listed below.

Information regarding content viewed on our Website/App is associated with the identifier indicated in the cookies.

The use of these cookies allows browsing data to be associated to your profile regardless of the device used thanks to cookie exchange technology used by our advertising partners.

Your profile is also enriched with information from your interactions with Le Figaro and, depending on the commercial partnerships signed with our advertising partners, in line with information sent during your interactions with third-parties having signed a partnership agreement with our advertising partners, such as for instance when you are connected to an online service or have subscribed to a publication or service. This information may be reconciled with off-line data collected and which are stored in our customer management tools or those of the commercial partners of our advertising partners.

The use of advertising Cookies, installed on your device when consulting a website or online ad, when opening emails or in notifications on the Website or App, or in any other format, allows us and our commercial partners and/or their own partners, to better adapt our direct commercial communications set to you in line with who you interact with the ads displayed on our Website/App. Consequently, browsing on a page on our Website/App which has an ad for one of our services or the product of a particular advertiser or a sponsored link by a particular advertiser and displayed by our commercial partners may trigger the issue of an email by us or by this advertiser in relation with the ad displayed. To refuse use of advertising cookies, click here.

Sharing Cookies (Social media)

These Cookies are intended to improve interactivity of the Website or App.

Our Website or App contains cookies with sharing links to Facebook, Twitter and other similar social media sites, which allow you to share content from our Website or App with other people or to let these people know what you have seen or your opinion about content on the Website/App or even to log in to access all services offered by Le Figaro by using your login details for these social media sites.

This is notably the case for the “share” and “like” buttons on “Facebook” and “Twitter”. Any social media site providing access to such an app button is likely to identify you thanks to this button, even if you did not use it when browsing our Website/App.

These cookies are directly installed by the social media sites. If you are logged in to your social media account when browsing on our Website/App, the share buttons will automatically link the content consulted with your user account.

We advise that you read the privacy policies of these social media sites to be aware of the purposes of use, notably for advertising, of all browsing information which they collect thanks to use of these app buttons.

The lifetime of these Cookies does not exceed 6 months.


At any time you can configure or amend your Cookie settings.

There are various ways to manage your cookie settings:

Refuse the use of cookies which are exempt from consent

If you wish to refuse the use of the following cookies installed with the sole aim of measuring traffic to our Website or App and establishing anonymous traffic statistics, click on the deactivation links below:

Please note, these Cookies measure traffic and visitor numbers to our Website, pages visited and interactions on the Website during your visit. Deactivating them will prevent the collection of information regarding your browsing on our Website.

Refuse cookies using the METEO CONSULT cookie settings tool

Le Figaro provides you with a simple tool to configure settings for installation of advertising and social media cookies on the Website. You can indicate your general settings, per type of use or per partner.

Your choice of settings using this tool will only be valid for when you browse on the METEO CONSULT Website or App.

We store your settings for 6 months. You can modify your settings at any time by clicking here.

Please note, deactivating advertising cookies will prevent the collection of information to allow for more suitable targeted ads when visiting our websites: this will prevent the display of all targeted ads based on your areas of interest, but you will still be shown other ads.

Similarly, deactivating social media cookies will prevent any interaction with the social media site(s) concerned.

Moreover, if you use any other web browser, you will need to once more refuse these cookies as your settings, and the cookies concerned, are linked to the browser and the device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) which you use to visit the Website.

You can also change your cookies settings using your web browser software on your computer, mobile device or online sites. In both of these instances, your choices will be applicable to all of your browsing online and not only on the Website or App. .

Refuse a Cookie through your browser or computer

Your browser may be set up to inform you that Cookies are installed on your device and ask you to accept or refuse them, on an individual basis or to automatically refuse them in all instances.

At any time, you can choose to deactivate Cookies in whole or in part. Your browser may also be set up to inform you that Cookies are installed on your device and ask you to accept them or not (on an individual basis or in all cases). We remind you, however, that deactivation of all Cookies will prevent you from using our Website under normal conditions, except for basic functions.

If you use Internet Explorer: click on Tools, then Internet Options. Under the General Browsing History tab, click on Settings. Then click on Show files and select the Cookie(s) that you want to deactivate. You can then close the window with this list of Cookies and click on OK twice to return to the internet.

If you use Firefox: click on the Firefox Menu option, then Tools, then Options; in the window which is displayed, choose Privacy and click Delete Specific Cookies. Select those Cookies you want to deactivate and them delete them.

If you use Safari: click on Settings, then Preferences. In the window which is displayed, choose Privacy/Security, then click on Display Cookies. Select those Cookies you wish to deactivate then click on Delete or Delete All.

If you use Chrome: click on the Google Chrome menu icon, then Settings. At the bottom of the page, click on Display advanced settings. Under Privacy, click on Content Settings.

To deactivate cookies, select Prevent all sites from storing data, click on Cookies and website data, then move the mouse to the website which created the cookie, and click on X in the top-right corner, or click on Delete All.

Refuse the use of advertising cookies on your mobile device

Your mobile device may be set up to refuse installation of advertising cookies.

  • Apple / IOS 6.0 / 1. Go to Settings / 2. Select Privacy / 3. Select Advertising / 4. Deactivate “Limited Advertising Supervision” to deactivate iAd tracking (Apple’s advertising control(
  • Android / Google Play Store 4.0 / 1. Open Settings / 2. Select Account or Synchronisation (depending on your device) / 3. Select Google / 4. Select Privacy or Advert (depending on your device) / 5. Click on Deactivate ads per area of interest
  • Windows / Windows 8 Mobile Device / 1. Open Settings / 2. Choose Ad Settings / 3. Change your options


Please note that some of our partners (advertisers, technical service providers, etc.) are located outside of the European Union and data collected using cookies may be transferred to countries who are not EU members, and where data protection legislation differs from that applicable in France. We require our partners to use your personal data solely to manage or provide services requested and we always ask them to comply with applicable data protection legislation and to place particular attention on your data protection. Moreover, where data are transferred to a country whose data protection legislation is less protective, we ensure that such transfers are governed by standard contractual clauses accepted by the European Commission which guarantee a sufficient level of protection of privacy and fundamental rights.


We may amend this policy from time to time to reflect changes in our practices, to provide more details about our practices or to ensure compliance with regulations.

We invite you to regularly read our cookies policy to check any latest updates.

updated on 30/03/2021